Olkijoki Treaty museum

Siikajoentie 544,  Pattijoki 92140.

During the Finnish War, the so-called Convention of Olkijoki was signed on 19 November 1808 at the Lassila inn by the general of the Swedish army, Carl Johan Adlercreutz (1757–1815) and the Russian general, Nikolay Mikhailovich Kamensky (1778–1811). The Convention marked the beginning of an armistice, and the Finnish War ended officially with the peace treaty signed in Hamina on 17 September 1809.

In 1918, the main building of the Lassila farm was for the most part demolished and the remaining part was converted into a museum. The rooms where the Convention of Olkijoki was signed were kept as a historical memento of the Finnish War. The Treaty Museum was inaugurated in 1937.

The Olkijoki Treaty Museum can be visited by advance arrangement.