Guided tours

The Raahe Museum organises general guided tours as well as tours tailored for a group or on the basis of a theme.

The general guided tour of the Packhouse takes approximately one hour, during which we will visit both the upstairs and downstairs of the museum. The general guided tour covers various objects and topics, including the Age of Sail in Raahe, life and events in the town in the 19th century, sculptures from the old church of Raahe dating back to the 17th century, a nursery with old toys and the museum’s first collection of curiosities, consisting of souvenirs brought by seamen from all ends of the earth. We try to take the visitors’ age into account with guided tours, which is why guided tours for pre-schoolers focus on different things than those for upper secondary school students, for example. In addition to the general 1-hour guided tour, you can also book shorter tours of the Raahe Museum. For instance, a 30-minute tour consists of a visit to either the upstairs or the downstairs of the museum.

The museum at the Packhouse also offers themed guided tours focusing on a particular topic. The themes to choose from include, for example, religious sculptures from the 17th century, the Age of Sails in Raahe, life in the town in the 19th century and, as a theme aimed mainly at upper secondary school students, life in the town before the period of autonomy.

The general guided tour of the Crown Granary usually takes 45–60 minutes. The duration and content of the tour can be customised to meet the needs and wishes of the group, and it explores the history of Raahe extending from prehistoric times to almost the present day. The exhibition at the Crown Granary has been built following the principle of fewer artefacts, more information content. Information is mostly provided in digital format by means of slideshows, games, animations and multimedia. The Crown Granary hosts the pearl of our collection, the world’s oldest diving suit, the Old Gentleman. There are plenty of stories to tell about it. The services of the Crown Granary also include various workshops. For more information about workshops, see Workshops.

A guided tour of the Sovelius House takes approximately 40 minutes. During the tour, you will learn more about a 19th century bourgeois home and the life led there. In December, the Sovelius House will be decorated for Christmas and guided tours will include stories about old Christmas customs.

Booking a guided tour

Advance booking is required for a guided tour, preferably at the latest one week before the intended visit. Let us know on which date and at which time the group would like to visit the museum, the number of participants, any special wishes regarding the museum visit as well as the name of the contact person. Also inform us in advance if your group has special needs with regard to mobility, learning or perceptual ability, for instance, so that we can take these into account when planning the guided tour. The group size for guided tours is about 20 persons. For larger groups, we arrange two guides.

Please contact the museum you plan to visit directly to book a guided tour. Reservations for the Old Pharmacy can be made to the museum’s office located at the Sovelius House.

Prices of guided tours

Advance booking is always required for guided tours.

The fee for a guided tour of the Packhouse, Crown Granary and the upstairs of the Sovelius House is 30 euros, in addition to which we charge the possible entrance fees.

Payments can be made in cash or with a bank card.