Rantakatu 33,  Raahe 92100

tel. +350 40 135 6850

The Packhouse museum building has cultural historic value: this Old Customs House was built in 1848 and has also served as a Seaman House. The building has been preserved in nearly its original condition.

The body of the museum’s collections consists of donations made in the 19th century: natural objects and utility articles from distant countries as well as exotic souvenirs. Later the collection was expanded with objects related to the cultural history of the town of Raahe, such as elaborate handicraft products made by local women, tableware and toys. The town’s prosperity in the Age of Sail can be seen in the exhibits of the museum.

The collections relate the story of Raahe as a town of seafarers and shipwrights. Miniature sailing ships, paintings of ships and navigation equipment are an integral part of the town’s marine history. The objects include several rarities, such as the wooden sculptures by Mikael Balt from the first church of Raahe in the 17th century. You can read more about the sculptures from here.

The Packhouse can be described as a “museum within a museum”, and we want to keep it in its fascinating, cornucopia-like form.

The Packhouse is open all year round